Financial advisers provide specialist advice on money management to their clients, acting in good trust, according to the needs and life situations of their clients.

As an investment adviser, my specialist service and goal is to seek return of and return on capital by identifying publicly listed businesses at attractive valuations. We try to pick managements whose interests align with minority shareholders.

I endeavour to earn risk adjusted returns on our capital by investing in companies with bright prospects, tailwinds and substantial opportunity for growth.

My focus is equities alone, with the exclusion of all other asset classes. The advisor invests alongside you in the same investments as chosen for the clients to keep interests aligned.

My horizon is multi years to decades for selected investment, hence, I do not mind being contrarian in the short to medium term.


My name is Amit Arora. One of my interests is investing in equities and helping others achieve financial freedom.

I have been managing money since 2008 for my family and others.

I have had the experience of advising couple of Hedge Funds as a consultant focussed on frontier and developed market equities, and actively managed money through Eleven Dimension Global Fund.

Also, I have had the privilege of having marquee clients and SEBI registered investment advisors who entrusted me for management of their investing capital outside India.

I follow learnings from 'growth investing', 'value investing' and 'behavioural finance'.

It would be fair to state that like most seasoned investors I learnt 99% about investments outside of the University syllabus, the 1% that could be attributed to University/High School was the topic of Financial Accounting.

I have written on investment and related ideas since 2009 at and

I have NISM XA and NISM XB certificate, which provides me with the investing foundation knowledge for India, a qualification which majority of the professional PMS Fund managers in India also do not possess. I am also a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor.

Under this remit, my focus is to invest, for the long term, in undervalued listed equities in the Indian public market, that is, BSE and NSE listed equities.

My other worldly interests are evolution, automation and software. After completing B.Com (Honours) and MBA, I had the pleasure of consulting with United Nations (Europe), Inland Revenue Department, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport (New Zealand) as an independent Consultant.

Business valuation: I invest in those businesses that I am able to value relatively confidently in relation to the enterprise value and market cap as quoted every weekday on the stock exchange. Thus, I invest with Margin of Safety, in those businesses which, according to my calculations, are trading below their instrinsic value.

Incomplete knowledge: As individualised humans we know infinitesimally fractional part of the whole picture, I believe possibly close to 0 point 000..followed by a million zeros 1% of the natural phenomenon is understandable by human cognitive abilities. Companies and Industries are relatively more knowable than laws of physics or organisms which makes an investors job relatively easier, than a Physicists or Doctors. However, I am mindful that the best we can do is approximate probabilities.

Risk control strategy: I employ risk control on investment outcomes by keenly following and tracking key monitorables on all investements and revisiting thesis.

Learn from mistakes: Investment learning is best achieved with vicarious experience, checklists, avoidance of mistakes committed earlier and humility.

Keep it simple: Whilst it sounds great to anchor to four cornerstones such as ethical management, growing dividends/revenues/profits, undervalued business, contrarian mindset and keeping behavioural biases in check, it is not as easy to keep it simple.

Diversification: Since the future is reliably unpredictable, investors are constantly surprised at their investment results, I believe that diversification partly solves this problem. A 30 stock equity portfolio, for instance, in my opinion, is better than a 5 stock portfolio (for a long only, equity oriented investor), and that is the approach I follow.

No shorts or leverage: I avoid blow ups, betting the house and loss of principal capital. For shorts, neither do I have the bandwidth, nor India the depth for long term short financial products, thus I avoid use of leverage and shorts.

Subscription to the model portfolio:

The service currently on offer is subscription to a model portfolio for retail investors.

You will be provided with a model portfolio for listed securities on BSE/NSE and updates (Real time and Quarterly) to the model portfolio.

The portfolio will be based on bottoms up fundamental analysis for long term growth.

This is suitable for retail investors with relatively small portfolio size.

Personalised portfolio advisory for HNI / Institutions:

Relatively more tailormade service for larger corpus of funds and depending on requirements and needs of the client.

Minimum investment commitment required is 2 Crore INR with a four to five year horizon.

Please contact for further clarifications.

Amit Arora

199, Pocket A/4, Kalkaji Extension, New Delhi 1100019.

Phone +91 98997-54440